About the Author

My name is Alexander Orestovich Monfor. I am a descendant of the Demontfort family, the lineage of which reaches deep into the history of the Russian Empire. I was born in the USSR and have always been puzzled by my unusual surname: Monfor. My family was not able to offer an explanation, only guesses. Learning about the life that my grandfather lived made me understand why his past was never discussed.

I was inspired to start researching my family ancestry while attending university in Moscow, when my fellow student stumbled upon a grave of a Monfor in a German graveyard and showed it to me. I later discovered that the person only bared the same surname and was not related to me, but since then researching my family ancestry has become a part of my life.

Later in the Lenin Library in Moscow I discovered records of other Demontforts in the Caucasus Calendar, a 19th century journal. These Demontforts were indeed my ancestors.



Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris (September 2013)

My interest in the history of my family grew over time and lead me to spend a lot of time in both former Soviet Union and West European archives. I was fortunate to meet wonderful people who helped me find unique documents relating to the history of my family.

To date I have managed to trace my family ancestry as far as five generations into the past, but the work continues. At the same time I am still hopeful to find other living descendants of the Demontfort family.

Alexander Monfor